Security Locks & Unlocks

As a business, it can be difficult to find a dependable and trustworthy key holder to carry out daily locks and unlocks on your premises. Our Security Officers can cut the cost of key replacements and reduce time lost through waiting for the correct person to unlock the premises. It also means that the premises can be unlocked for lone workers, contractors or deliveries at short notice. This service is especially appropriate on days when the premises are not usually open such as weekends or Bank Holidays when sending a member of staff would be both expensive and unsociable. Benefits of our locks and unlocks service includes:

  • Regular premises unlock and lock for staff access;
  • Temporary service to cover sickness and absences;
  • Alarms unset and set;
  • Premises patrolled;
  • Doors, windows secured;
  • Unnecessary lights and electrical equipment turned off saving energy;
  • Staff access outside normal working hours;
  • Contractor access outside normal working.

TGS Training Courses

We are a leading provider for SIA security courses in the South of England. We train you at our fully equipped and approved SIA centre to deliver the best training for your desired job in the private security industry.