Physical Intervention & Breakaway Techniques

Physical intervention procedures are for use in conditions in which the safety of the acting-out individual or others is in imminent danger. This training stresses positive de-escalation skills and strategies as the most important methods of intervention, with physical intervention used only as a last resort.

Course Information

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Please enquire for details

It is imperative that personnel in higher risk roles such as door supervision are taught safer methods of physical intervention, this helps reduce the use of high-risk techniques, and improves staff and customer safety.

Physical interventions should not be used to compel compliance, to punish, or as the most convenient method for personnel. In a circumstance in which a physical intervention is used, it should be discontinued once the acting-out person has regained control.

Only personnel properly trained in prevention strategies and safe responses should be managing disruptive, anxious, or violent behaviour.

Personnel must be aware that serious physical and psychological risks are inherent in any physical intervention, and indeed the only truly safe physical restraint is the one that never occurs.

It is ideal for those working in licensable security functions, this includes workers from the following sectors:

  •  Security Operatives / Door supervisor
  • Council Employees
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Retail Staff
  • Transport Workers
  • Hospitality/ Leisure

In summary you will be given knowledge and taught new skills including:

  • Health & Safety and The Law
  • Strategies for physical intervention
  • Stance and positioning
  • Developing power
  • Control techniques – full body
  • Subdue techniques
  • Neutralise techniques
  • STAB – Knife defence drill
  • Body weapons
  • Maintenance drills
  • Incident reporting

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You will be trained by the industry’s most reputable instructors who have several years of operational experience.

Our modern SIA approved training centre is located 2 Castleham Rd, Hastings, Saint Leonards-on-Sea, TN38 9NR, UK

Gatwick Airport – 1hr 30 by car and train. Central London is approximately 1hr 40 by train.

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