Key Holding & Alarm Response

Keyholding is a specialist security service where a contracted security firm holds a set of keys to your commercial premises — in a secure, off-site location — to be used in the event of a security breach. Keyholding puts the responsibility of responding to a security issue, such as a burglary, in the hands of trained, reliable security personnel. Finding a trustworthy key holder is a vital part of running a successful business. An increasing number of businesses understand the risks associated with having their own employees as a key holder. With this in mind, more companies are now opting to manage this risk by outsourcing their key holding to a professional security company.

As your key holder, TGS Security Specialists GUARANTEE the most efficient response times for alarm response with the assistance of our excellent GPS tracking devices. In the event of alarm activation, our nearest Mobile Patrol Officer can attend immediately by eliminating vital time spent collecting your keys from a central point. Our officer will not vacate the premises until all necessary action is taken and the premises are secure. Response is the key to damage limitation. The sooner we arrive, the less chance of unnecessary disruptions such as vandalism, theft or other form of loss and waste. We will have a set of keys to access your premises, locked up securely at our own Alarm Receiving Centre, and will use them to gain access to the building in the event of an emergency. That means, if at four in the morning an emergency occurs, you’re not forcing a member of staff to respond: you’re leaving it to a security professional. Benefits of our key holding and alarm response service includes:

  • Compliance with Health and Safety – A member of your own staff can respond to false alarms with ease, but what happens when the alarm is genuine? A security professional, after calling in the police, may still be forced to take action in order to protect your premises and themselves. Naturally, entrusting this responsibility to a security professional is much more beneficial to you and your business;
  • Guaranteed response – Our Alarm Receiving Centre is manned 24/7 by on-alert security personnel, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Consider how much more efficient this is than leaving the responsibility to a 9-5 employee, who will be at home and will have a vastly more laboured response time;
  • Eliminates confusion – A professional keyholder knows what to do at all times. They’re trained for it. Because of this, they will be able to provide an effective response no matter the circumstances. This cannot be guaranteed by leaving your keyholding responsibilities in-house — particularly if you have multiple keyholders who do not communicate with each other;
  • Your staff remain safe and more productive – If a staff member is forced to respond in the early hours, it means they have their sleep disturbed as they have to wake up, prepare, travel to the site and, in the case of false alarms, travel back home after giving the all clear. The next day, that staff member will, predictably, be far less productive (and probably in a sour mood). If the emergency is a real threat, then they are putting themselves at risk of injury and trauma. Both of these scenarios are best avoided, and that’s precisely what professional keyholding does.

TGS Training Courses

We are a leading provider for SIA security courses in the South of England. We train you at our fully equipped and approved SIA centre to deliver the best training for your desired job in the private security industry.