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TGS are raising the standard in the industry to a level not previously seen in the UK

We are the FIRST Security Service in the UK to introduce character assessments, security exams and fitness tests prior to the selection of its staff.



For a company you can trust to deliver the highest level of professional security, look no further than TGS Security Specialists. You can find out more about how we train our TGS Security Officers here.

Want to be TGS Security Officer? Contact us today to discuss careers with us.

'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail'

Our Security Services are designed to cover a full range of security solutions for your business. Your security needs will be discussed during a FREE consultation and Risk Assessment.

Once we've agreed a mutual way forward, your tailored security package will be attended to by our highly trained and motivated security officers.

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What do our Security Services involve?

  • Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Security Locks & Unlocks
  • Key Holding/Alarm Response
  • CCTV Monitoring with Response
  • Home Protection
  • Business Protection
Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

If your business is at a potential risk from unauthorised access, theft or outbreaks of disorder, a Manned Guarding Service may be the most suitable form of protection for your premises and staff against such risks. You can choose your hours of protection. An officer during working hours may only be sufficient to make staff feel secure, or you may prefer out of hours cover as a deterrent against theft or criminal damage. You may feel a physical presence is required on a permanent basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or even two Security Officers operating together.

TGS Security Specialists provides highly trained, well presented physical and visual deterrents in each officer. Our officers are vigilant and provide excellent customer service. His/her particular role can be defined to suit the needs of your business whether it being commercial based or industrial. You may prefer an officer to man your reception area as a visual deterrent or simply to operate CCTV surveillance cameras from an office with regular patrols carried out. Your business may require access control from a gatehouse to prevent unauthorised access. Together we can develop a set of protocols and instructions for TGS Officers to follow to fulfil your security requirements.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrols

Ensure the safety of your property whether it being residential, industrial or commercial with our highly trained Mobile Patrol Officers. TGS mobile patrols are a highly visual and physical deterrent, used to deter theft and move unauthorized people off site. Internal and external patrols are carried out at irregular times so the pattern of patrols remains ambiguous for any unwanted visitors. This will reduce the likelihood of vandalism and theft. As well as deterring criminal activity, Mobile Patrols can prevent the threat of flood, fire or any form of loss and waste.

TGS Security Specialists operates with a double - up mobile patrol system. We provide two SIA licensed officers as part of the mobile patrol service. One officer will patrol your site in the highly visible TGS patrol vehicle while his/her colleague will perform a military-style patrol on foot. Our officers will be in constant communication with one another via our advanced Push-To-Talk radio system. TGS are the FIRST Security Service in the U.K to operate using this Mobile Patrol system to offer customers greater protection with no further expense.

Security Locks & Unlocks

Security Locks & Unlocks

As a business, it can be difficult to find a dependable and trustworthy key holder to carry out daily locks and unlocks on your premises. A Licensed TGS Security Officers can cut the cost of key replacements and reduce time lost through waiting for the correct person to unlock the premises. It also means that the premises can be unlocked for lone workers, contractors or deliveries at short notice. This service is especially appropriate on days when the premises are not usually open such as weekends or Bank Holidays when sending a member of staff would be both expensive and unsociable.

Highly trained and experienced officers are responsible for locking up at night after workers have gone home, and returning in the morning to unlock and check the safety and security of the premises. If required, our 24 hour call out service means that even at very short notice an officer can be at your premises ready to carry out the necessary checks as per our Assignment Instructions. A thorough military-style patrol can be carried out with our officer switching off lights and equipment, whilst also ensuring that windows and doors are securely closed and locked. Your energy bills can be reduced as well as the security of your site.

Key Holding/Alarm Response

Finding a trustworthy key holder is a vital part of running a successful business. An increasing number of businesses understand the risks associated with having their own employees as a key holder. With this in mind, more companies are now opting to manage this risk by outsourcing their key holding to a professional security company.

As your key holder, TGS Security Specialists GUARANTEE the most efficient response times for alarm response with the assistance of our excellent GPS Tracking Devices. In the event of alarm activation, our nearest Mobile Patrol Officer can attend immediately by eliminating vital time spent collecting your keys from a central point. Our officer will not vacate the premises until all necessary action is taken and the premises are secure. Response is the key to damage limitation. The sooner we arrive, the less chance of unnecessary disruptions such as vandalism, theft or other form of loss and waste.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring with Response

Through our association with BeSure Security Systems, TGS Security Specialists are able to provide electronic surveillance of your premises. Our vigilant surveillance staff will be based at your own premises on request, or remotely from our Central Control Room in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.

A permanent online stream of incoming and outgoing signals and messages supplies our Licenced CCTV Operators with precise situation updates on the sites we monitor. Our Control Room is notified of any potential security threat including gas, smoke and break-ins. A breach of security will result in the despatch of a TGS Mobile Response Unit.

TGS Security Specialists provides an excellent Monitoring Service with our finest hardware, sharp image video surveillance, vigilant surveillance staff and rapid response time. Our systems are centrally monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.

Home Protection

Home Protection

If your property becomes vacant, whether you are going on holiday, working abroad or having recently sold your home, TGS Security Specialists will be able to assist you in the protection of your assets. We can provide a wide array of solutions to protect your empty property against any potential unwanted visitors including illegal occupation, fly tipping, burglary or criminal damage. The risk of severe damage to your property from flooding or fire can be eradicated also.

TGS can offer a Licenced Manned Security Officer to protect your property or arrange Mobile Patrols of your premises at irregular times. We can provide temporary or permanent non-evasive remotely monitored CCTV and alarm systems with a response unit giving you complete Home Protection. You are able to select the level of security you require at affordable prices. Our Home Protection solutions can be deployed rapidly, giving you peace-of-mind that your assets are in the safest hands.

Business Protection

Business Protection

Our Business Protection Service is very similar to that of the Manned Guarding Service we offer. The difference being we represent you and present the ethos and values of your company. While representing your company, your premises, business interests and employees will be protected at all times. TGS Corporate Security Officers present a professional image at all times. We operate as part of your company; the roles of our officers extend beyond merely being present, but can encompass reception duties, concierge and facilities management if required.

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